Ratna shall put in place an effective quality program to consistently build infrastructure that either meet or exceed contract specifications. Our quality program is designed to prevent construction defects and to ensure performance and durability of structures we build. Our quality program applies not only to each of our employees but also to all our consultants, vendors, sub-contractors and associates.
In order to achieve our quality standards, Ratna will:
» Foster a strong quality culture in the organization
» Deploy equipment that is capable of performing
» Use material that meets or exceeds contract specifications
» Ensure that job site inspections are periodically done and documented
» Make its employees responsible for identification of defects ahead of client s or third party quality inspectors
» Put in place a comprehensive preventive maintenance plan for our construction equipment
» Assign clearly documented quality responsibilities to all our vendors & sub- contractors
» Comply with all statutory norms and construction codes
» Comply with all manufacturer specifications, wherever applicable. Implement appropriate training programs to all our employees. Seek feedback from our clients and consultants