Total Quality Control - Philosophy
Our corporate goal is to build world-class infrastructure and help India become a global economic powerhouse. We strive to maximize customer satisfaction, and enhance shareholder profitability. We at Ratna understand that quality in everything we do is a means to achieve the end and quality control for us is not an expense but investment. We realize that quality improvement can serve as a catalyst for improved productivity. We also firmly believe that quality control initiatives can often result in avoidance of rework, avoidance of long-term problems and introduction of new work methods. Ratna is therefore committed to total quality control (TQC).
As part of our commitment to TQC, we do not allow defective items anywhere in the construction process. While we understand that the zero defects goal may never be permanently obtained, it provides us a goal to constantly raise our own quality benchmark year after year. Our quality control is our competitive advantage. We expect the same high quality standards from all our vendors and sub-contractors.
Quality Control Objective
» To consistently deliver products and services that either meet or exceed contract specifications.
» To prevent construction defects.
» To ensure performance and durability of the constructed product.
Ratna is a multi-locational EPC contracting firm with a wide variety of projects in its portfolio. Our clients make purchase decisions based on our promised quality and value. The decisions we make with respect to design, planning, component configurations, material specifications, functional performance, and vendor selection are critical to delivering a quality product to our customers. As a full service infrastructure provider, quality control for us consists largely of insuring conformance to these original designs and planning decisions.
Top management at Ratna is directly responsible for construction quality. One of the Directors of Ratna, acting on behalf of the Board of Directors is responsible for the following:
Our Quality Policy is a brief but focused statement on our commitment to quality. The document is circulated among all our employees, consultants, vendors, sub-contractors, and associates. The document is displayed prominently in all our administrative as well as project offices.
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