“They both lead a happy and successful life who think of future and are ready to cope with whatever comes their way and those who face any situation wisely and boldly” said the Rajaguru of Mourya Dynasty and the Author of ‘Artha Sastra’ - Chanakya. We earnestly believed and practiced this great sutra or formula to tide over the difficult phase in recent past of our organization and finally emerged successful. We are now looking forward with renewed hope and confidence for a bright future for our organization.
In the coming days the company is planning the expansion of business on profitable lines with diversified activities in the areas of Road Works, Urban infrastructure and Industrial infrastructure. Presently the main focus of the company is in the construction of roadways in North East India where the massive operations are already in vogue. The year 2010-11 is not only a year of consolidation of our business affairs but also a year for gathering of rich experience by virtue of which the company will be able to reorganize and restructure its whole systems in the direction of building a more enlightened management in the years to come so as to translate all our business plans and policies into tangible resources on a much more qualitative footing. Our team, Ratna family is already poised for accomplishment of this great purpose.
Simultaneously we are working on the implementation of risk mitigation policies in the best possible way in our business. The government initiatives such as opening up of a number of infrastructure sectors to private players and huge spending on projects like National Highways development project, National maritime development project, etc. have opened wide opportunities for infrastructure companies.
We are also working with Joint Ventures for value addition to our business. We are already executing several projects to the satisfaction of our clients. I take this opportunity to thank all our shareholders and business associates, who have reposed trust in us and extended their unstinted support.
Mr. M.M.L.Narasimham
Chairman & Managing Director